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12 / 07 / 11

Homeworking 'reduces staff stress'

Homeworking 'reduces staff stress' 12/07/2011 15:19:15 An expert has claimed that staff in publishing jobs can be left financially and personally better off if they are allowed to perform some duties from home, thereby increasing their overall productivity.According to Telework Association research director Peter Thomson, increasing fuel prices and public transport fares can leave workers …

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12 / 07 / 11

Mindset 'a priority for recruiters'

Mindset 'a priority for recruiters' 12/07/2011 15:11:21 People who are looking for graduate jobs have been advised just how important it is to show a positive mindset.Ben Glazier, head of web design firm Glazier Design, believes the attitude of a candidate can be a deciding factor when weighing up the merits of equally qualified job applicants.Speaking to the Telegraph, he recounted the story of …

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04 / 10 / 10

UK Job demand rises to six-month high

Employer demand for new UK workers rose in September to reach its highest level in the last six months, with the Reed Job Index reaching 104. The number of new jobs on offer across the country rose by two points (two percent) compared to last month. Only February’s Index figure has been higher (at 105) since the Reed Job Index began last December. This article has been taking from the On Rec …

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25 / 06 / 10

Market is Ripe for Cost-Effective Online Recruitment Agencies

CIPD Survey: Market is Ripe for Cost Effective Online Recruitment Agencies A recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that although the proportion of firms planning to implement a recruitment freeze in 2010 has almost halved since last year (22% compared to 42% in 2009), over two-thirds of UK companies are still experiencing recruitment …

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04 / 06 / 10

Online Job Advertising - The Facts

Online Job Advertising - The Facts It is vital that eRecruit Assist understand exactly how candidates are searching for jobs so we can ensure we advertise vacancies on the most appropriate online job sites, particularly as the majority of candidates now search for vacancies online. In particular, in March 2010 Google was used for 90% of all UK job searches. Over 14 million job related searches …

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